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Copper Dinner Gong   G129
Copper Dinner Gong G129
Original, quality, late 19th century, circular brass table top dinner gong suspended within an embossed copper stand with the original beater hanging to the front. This delightful item has a serious Art Nouveau / Arts and Crafts design embossed to the front of leaves and stems entwined and an overall hammered detail. Both the gong and stand are in the old unpolished patinated finish and all is complete and in good and working order, with a good tone. Gong 7" diameter x 1.25",stand 18" wide x 12" high x 4.25" deep.  
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Price: 400.00

Cowhorn Dinner Gong G124
Original, quality, late 19th century, brass dinner gong suspended between a pair of nickel mounted polished cow horns, on a honey coloured oak plinth. The plinth also has nickel mounts to each corner and a shield shaped plaque to the centre for engraving and the original oak shafted hammer is sat at the front on a pair of hooks. The brass gong was originally nickel plated, but has been polished off. Complete and in good order. Plinth 14" x 6.75", gong 6" x 1", total 11.5" tall.  
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Price: 300.00

Cowhorn Dinner Gong   G124

Online Catalogue > Gongs

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